Hamdani Coffee History

More Than 130 Years

Al-Hamdani Mocha company for producing & exporting Yemeni mocha coffee is pleased to introduce itself as the greatest and the oldest producer and exporter of the Yemeni coffee “Mocha”. We have a wide experience in this field for more than 130 years, where our ancestors started planting and exporting the Yemeni Mocha in the Bani Matar (Bao’an district ) which has the best quality coffee in Yemen. Bani Matar is a strategic site because it has been a central market for coffee trade in a continuous way for centuries. The company owns & manages large areas of coffee farms throughout Yemen.

In 1990


It has been opened as the first main location for our company in the capital Sana’a, to be the head office, then extended to establishing many branches in the Arab Gulf Countries. Also, we have established a modern production line to prepare and package coffee by applying the most modern manufacturing methods.


8841 Michigan ave 
Detroit, mi 48210